Monday, December 9, 2013

An Error In Judgment

Nope, I didn't ride to work today.

But . . .

I could have.

Last evening there was freezing drizzle in the area and since my street isn't treated I expected there to be glazing. When I went to leave this morning I discovered I'd made an error in judgment. I should have checked the street instead of acting on my assumptions. My street wasn't clear, but it certainly was doable.

0710 CST
By the time I discovered my mistake the die was cast. I had to drive.

This is where we are allowed to park. The building in the background is now a hotel. It has a very distinctive paint job.
There did turn out to be sort of a silver lining to my driving. Right before the snow the leaves from the Condo grounds were all blown into the street. Because of the wee storm we had, the leaves didn't get picked up. Myself and others ended up having to park on the piled up leaves over the weekend. Today while I was at work they came and picked up the leaves. If I had rode, my car would have been obstructing the process. As it is the leaves are all gone. Even with this, I must say it really sucked driving to work knowing I could have rode.

  • 23F/-5C and some clouds at morning drivetime.
  • 24F/-4C and overcast for the evening commute.


  1. I would think your little car is fun to drive, too. Remember: Rainy days make good horses.

    1. I have threatened to get a sticker made to put on my topcase reading: "My Other Scooter Is A Yaris." I really like my little black car. When I bought my first scooter I was driving a Ford Windstar. Very nice, functional, but not so much fun.

  2. Happy accident in predicting the road surface conditions.

    It was just as well you drove. Now those pesky leaves are gone and you are free to ride again.

    1. Yes, it did work out very well. It was really good to be back on the bike today.

      Vulcan Rider rode two of the three days I didn't. Which is sort of a role reversal. He seems to be riding more this year. It's good have another bike in the lot.