Thursday, January 9, 2014

A Little More Snow

Nope, I didn't ride today.

And . . .

They said we'd get about an inch of new snow. I expected it would be just a dusting.

The forecasters were right and I was wrong.

The additional snow made for an interesting drive to work.

Fortunately, the forecasters were wrong about the freezing drizzle.

The drive home was easy. The main arteries were all clear.

My street? Not so much.

Tomorrow is to bring rain and much warmer temperatures. The Symba may get on the road Saturday. She is supposed to get her starter worked on. I suspected it wasn't going to happen this weekend, but now . . .


  1. I just get this feeling that any day now I'm going to read the word "Spring" in your post and I'll burst into tears!

    We are at 13wc and rising to 35 by morning with who knows what kind of precip. Probably a little of everything.

  2. I really like that second picture. So sparkly looking through the windshield.