Thursday, January 30, 2014

I Was Bummed

Nope, I didn't ride to work today.

And . . .

The starter is all fixed on Billie. There is some welding to do on the sprockets and she'll be ready to come home. I suspect she'll be done just about the time the freezing rain gets here.

Today was an excellent day to ride and I saw a number of bikes, scooters, and cyclists out enjoying it. I'd like to think there will come a day when I feel confident enough in the Kymco to ride it on a day like today. I'm just not there at the moment.

The Yaris got to go to work again. She's half minivan and half go-kart and a hoot to drive, but it's just not the same as riding.

The sunrise this morning was spectacular, but because I was driving I couldn't find a place to pull over and get a photo.  After work I was walking into a pretty nice sunset again.

It was 27F/-3C when I left the condo and 45F/7C when I left work. Yep, I was bummed I wasn't riding.


  1. Keith, I think we all notice mild break in the weather when we don't have the bike available. I am still bummed about canceling my Harley insurance for winter, and we since had the mildest winter ever in the Black Forest...

    1. Yes, the last couple of Winters have spoiled me. I'd forgotten how antsy I get when I can't ride. Actually, I think it is Heather who notices it even more than I :^)

  2. You may not be riding into the sunset, but at least you can walk into it. That's pretty nice.

    1. It was much nicer walking into the sunset last night than walking in the freezing rain tonight.