Wednesday, January 29, 2014

In Its Own Right

Nope I didn't ride to work today.

And . . .

Neither did Vulcan Rider.

It was another beautiful day here in the Heartland. The temperatures rose to 35F/2C and there was sun.

On my afternoon break I found a nice patch of sun next to a radiator and just enjoyed. Growing up in Michigan I so appreciate how much sun we have here during the colder months. There was one year when I was in college in Southeastern Michigan when the sun disappeared behind the clouds in December and didn't reappear until early March. That is a lot of gray.

Here and now the days continue to grow.

This evening as I trudged over to the parking lot I caught a glimpse of the sun before it slipped beyond the horizon.

Today would have been a ride day and so would tomorrow. Instead we wait for a part and I have the opportunity to be grateful for having a wonderful little car that is a blast to drive in its own right.


  1. I admit that when I left work at 5 it was totally light outside. I just stood there in amazement.

    But more snow tomorrow, so we can't get too giddy.

    I was going to buy a Yaris when they first came out, but I drove the Honda Fit first and that's what I chose. I still like them both.

  2. Riding or no, it was a beautiful sunset.