Wednesday, January 22, 2014


Nope, I didn't ride to work today.

And . . .

The last few winters I've been able to ride nearly every day. This year has been different and I'm surprised at how often I need to pull my mind back on track while I'm driving. Now that the may streets are clear and dry I find my mind wandering all over the place. It is so difficult to stay focused.

On a positive note . . .

The days are definitely getting longer. I'm no longer leaving work in the dark.

I thought I might ride tomorrow until I got to my street. My alley is even worse. Oh well, one day at a time.

We're under a windchill advisory for tomorrow. Winter seems to be enjoying its stay here in the Heartland.


  1. Brad has taken the car more this year than he has in the last 7. Of course his commute doubled so the cold isn't as invigorating as much as it is annoying.

    Hooray for it being light when we leave work at 5. I noticed it yesterday.

  2. Enjoy the winter! It feels like we have Spring in January (not good!).

  3. I love that the days are getting longer. I finally figured out it's not the bad weather but the short days that are so annoying. I can say that since we don't get much extreme weather at anytime. Hang in there!