Friday, January 24, 2014


Nope I didn't ride to work today.

And . . .

I didn't ride to work yesterday either, nor did I post. My internet was down.

All the streets with the exception of mine are clear and dry. My street still has hard packed snow and ice.

There is going to be a major warm-up for the weekend and then frigid temperatures will return Monday. Hopefully by then I will have not only my kickstarter on the Symba, but an electric one as well. It is very nice to have both. I'm not real good at doing the kickstart if I stall in traffic. Sometimes on these cold mornings stalls can happen. I'll be grateful to have it back. There is a possibility of snow overnight which could change my plans.

It's been cold, but we've had plenty of sunshine. Sunshine makes all the difference.

The low was 6F/-14C today, but we warmed all the way up to 35F/2C by the afternoon.


  1. The sun looks really nice on that building. Hope your weather returns to normal soon!

    1. Richard,
      What's normal anyway. From what I hear it wasn't long ago that winters like we're having weren't that unusual. That said, a nice run of warm weather would be nice.

  2. Quite nippy in your area. I wasn't aware that St Louis temps could get that low.

    1. Sonja,
      Since I moved here in 1987 this is the "nippy-ess" winter I've experienced.

  3. 6 isn't that freaky cold for a winter morning in your area...the point is that it doesn't stay or drop as the day goes on!

    So here we go- every late winter you start saying that tomorrow will be a bit warmer, then you show photos of sun, then it gets cold at night, then the next day it's even warmer and then you show photos of spring bulbs peeking from the soil (not the snow) and then you show buds and then- GASP! It's spring in StL!

    And that's right where you are now- right at the very beginning of that lovely, lovely transition.

    1. Martha,
      I'm grateful to be right where I am. Every time I talk to my Dad or Sister back "home"; or read your blog and look at your images. Grateful.

      The problem here is no one remembers it gets this cold every year at least once or twice. It has happened more this year, but as you've pointed out it ebbs and flows in a much different way than a Northern Winter does. Here one gets a chance to catch a breath. There is always relief in sight.