Monday, January 5, 2015

Less Than a Buck

No, I didn't ride to work today.

But ...

I did ride after work.

Miss Billie returned home on Saturday.

In addition to the tire being fixed, she has a new windscreen, a new battery, and a repaired license plate. The plan had been to go for a ride on Sunday and fill the gas tank. A unexpected wintry mix nixed that idea.

This evening was beautiful. I got to watch a beautiful sunset on my way to the car.

And it was a nice and comfortable 23F/-5C.

When I got home I geared up and took Billie out to get her fill. It cost me $.90.  Amazing.


  1. $0.90?????

    I guess that was just a top-up, no?

    Prior to the price plunge, I was paying ~CAD$10 to fill up (9 liters/ ~2 gals).

    1. Oops... the tank capacity is 9 liters, there`s usually down to 2 in the tank when I fill up, so ~CAD$10 for ~7 liters.

    2. David,
      As near as I can tell my tank is 3 liters. So, this was about a 2/3 fill up. A little more than a top off :^) Gas is obscenely cheap right now.

  2. Wow, beautiful sunset.

    Not a bad top up price. Don't you wish you could fill the tank for that?

    1. My Lady,
      You can check out my response to David. It was a little more than a top up. I suspect if it was bone dry it would have cost me a whopping $1.35. And, I have a range of nearly 100mi. Not bad.

  3. We are 2.15 here. Excellent time for a road trip- when I get on the road.

    So what will happen economically to StL if the Rams go back to LA?

    1. Well, the economic impact of having them here never measured up to what they said it would. I suspect the bigger impact would be in the image department. I rather surprised at most of the people I know who follow the Rams don't seem to be as upset over the possible move as I'd expect. They been through this with the football Cardinals, who moved here from Chicago. I've wondered if it would have been different if they had gotten an expansion team than another "Carpetbagger". Of course, there could be some truth to this being pretty much a baseball town. More likely the baseball Cardinals success over the years has spoiled the fan base. In this line of thinking the Rams are losers, so good riddance.

      I do know the economic impact of the new Busch Stadium was not near what folk projected.

      Not much of an answer to your question, more a response.

  4. Bingo. You got it right there: StL IS a baseball town.

    I wonder if there is going to be (would be) a monetary "award" to StL for the loss/impact to the city.

    Football fans and baseball fans are two different species. I've been thinking about watching baseball again. I just wish everyone would stop taking steroids...