Friday, December 2, 2011

A Recipe For Disaster

Yes, I rode to work today.

Today the electricians were at work changing out light fixtures. I didn't know they were coming. No one warned me. The new lighting is supposed to be much more efficient. I do know it is much brighter, almost harsh. I'm very sensitive to changes in light . . . and, to having my routines interrupted unexpectedly. Both these risks were present today. I, also, was having one of my random "bad brain" days. Does this sound like a recipe for disaster? It was. I had a "brain storm" in the early afternoon. Usually, when these happen at work I just go to my desk and wait for my brain to regain itself. But, today my desk was unavailable because of the work being done. My supervisor decided I should just go home. I did. As usual, the riding rebooted my brain, but I was left feeling very very tired. I spent the afternoon resting. I'm glad it is Friday.

35F/2C and a few clouds for the ride to work.
43F/6C with a few clouds and some haze for the ride home.


  1. Sometimes the unexpected sucks, although I am used to it in my line of work, it can hit me, too. I am glad you have an understanding boss who lets you go home.

  2. What an honest and intimate post. I have what I call "brain rages" that I have to grab hold of to settle down. The "bank" rage I just had wasn't a real rage, though! I appreciate you sharing this. It takes courage to share some things and it always feels good when you've done it.

  3. Keith, your courage and candor are inspiring. Our brains are so complex. Reality as we know it is just our brains interpreting what our senses relay. Often our brain compensates, particularly with eyesight, like when you "get used to" new glasses. I can't imagine having to cope with your challenge. Riding and blogging as you do really is inspirational.

    Warm regards,