Friday, March 9, 2012

The News

I rode to work today.

The News.

I see the headlines when I go to my homepage. A two year old boy accidentally shot by his father this morning here in St. Louis. A female officer and a judge stabbed and shot in Washington State, also today. Yesterday shootings in Pittsburgh. I used to be a news junkie. Now, not so much. And, the little I grab from the headlines is wearing me out. It is Friday and I'm going to fast from the news for at least the next 24hr. Tomorrow it is supposed to be nice here. I'm hoping a long hike with Goldilocks will be in order. If not, I will ride. Either way, I will let the world take care of itself. It will manage.

Have a good weekend! That is my plan.
  • 37F with plenty of sun for the ride to work.
  • 53F/ and abundant sunshine for the ride home.


  1. We will hold down the fort until you get back....Enjoy.

  2. So much death around us even without a war at our doorsteps. Horrible news.