Monday, April 2, 2012

As I Predicted

Yes, I rode to work today.

Another historic high temperature today. It got up to 89F/32C.

As I predicted last Friday, the sprinklers in Citygarden were on and kids were running through them.

And, although I didn't predict it, the Flamingo was playing the piano.

Happily the Symba ran just fine today. There was no repeat of the screeching sound it made yesterday. She goes in to see her favorite mechanic Thursday. We will see.

68F/20C and clear for the ride to work.
88F/31C and clear for the ride home.


  1. Very nice weather you're having there. Is that normal seasonal weather, or freakish warm?

    Our freak streak ended after a few days and we're back to seasonal here, inching up the thermometer. I went over the shoulder of the mountain on the way to work this morning and there was some run off from the mountain that was slushy ice. The traffic was stopped at a light, and I had the luxury of crossing that patch in slow-mo... fortunately no issues.

    1. David,
      This is "freakish warm". That said, come March what you and I think of as winter is usually gone in these parts. Last year the temperatures were cooler. April is full on Spring here. The weather this year has been incredible. If it was like this every year, I couldn't afford to live here.

      Thanks for taking time to leave a comment.