Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day

Yes, I rode today....

but not to work. Today was Columbus Day. If I had ridden to work it would have been cool enough for the winter helmet to come out. Yesterday when I rode over to St. Peters to see my granddaughter not only was it cold enough for the winter helmet, but I broke out the FogEvader as well.

My grandpa, what a big nose you have!
However, today before I could ride I needed to take Heather to House of India for lunch. You may recall this is my penance for having one of "those" holidays when Heather has to work and I don't.

After lunch, Isabelle and I headed to Illinois to visit with Heathers Grandparents. By then, the FogEvader could stay home.

It was good to see him home. He's been bouncing back and forth between hospitals and rehab centers for a very long time.

And, it was the Kymco's first time in Illinois.

Tomorrow I begin a few days vacation. Hopefully, I'll be back to riding to work by the middle of next week. Until then, be safe.

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