Monday, June 10, 2013


Yes, I rode to work today.

The theme of the morning ride was clouds.

I joked about refusing to believe it was Monday. Monday is a day of sunshine not clouds, but it was Monday.

By morning break time it was bright and blue.

It was a wondrous ride home. Yep, definitely a Monday. We don't seem to be getting much weather like this on the weekends, although this past weekend Saturday was pretty sweet. We went for a ride to check out some of the flooding.

The Rivers are still very high and many roads are flooded. This has been a completely opposite year from last. Last year it was drought. This year things are too wet. Maybe next year will be a year to please Goldilocks.
  • 65F/18C with clouds for the ride to work.
  • 81F/27C with big white fluffy clouds for the ride home.


  1. Too dry - too wet... we seem to get the extremes lately. Flooding in Germany is still bad, and many houses and property are lost.

    1. I have been following the news about the flooding and the dam breaking. So much power! And yes, damage.

  2. It may have been a cloudy ride to work, but the clouds are so neat to behold. Sure blue sky makes a nice backdrop, but clouds just have substance.

    Hope you dry out a bit soon.

    1. I love the clouds. I much prefer cloudy days to days with bright clear blue skies. We are still plenty wet with many areas under flood watch. It is just part of living with the River.