Monday, July 7, 2014

It Looked To Just Be Clouds.

Yes, I rode to work today.

And . . .

Summer returned.

If when you looked at the above photo and thought, "Must be there was a good chance of rain," you would have been right.

You can imagine my surprise when I went out at morning break and discovered the Red Fox was not alone.

A pretty good looking lineup of rides, yes?

It didn't rain at all during the day. The radar looked pretty clear when I left work. I decided I'd swing by and see Mike at Taylor Motorsports. I didn't have any thing going on with either of my rides, I just hadn't seen him for a while.

I see this bike sometimes when I ride to work. I've wanted to take a photo of it. It seems when it's parked on the street I either don't have my camera with me or I'm running late. And, there it was parked by Mike's Shop.

I hung out with Mike for a while and when I came out it had cooled off and was looking stormy. I made some comment about having fooled around long enough to get wet. He looked at his phone and told me it looked to just be clouds. I didn't put on my rain jacket, but I did put my phone in my waterproof backpack.

Yep, it was mostly clouds and thunder and lightning, and rain. At least there wasn't any hail. Some areas reported golf ball size hail. I'm not disappointed to have missed out on that. Mike is a great mechanic. As a meteorologist? Not so much.

We're now under a Severe Thunderstorm Warning until 03:30. Tomorrow? It will be interesting to see how many rides are parked in the lot.

  • 79F/26C and mostly cloudy for the ride to work.
  • 86F/30C and a T-storm for the ride home.

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  1. A nice groupings of machines parked at work. And here you thought yours would be lonely.