Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Some Sad News

Nope, I didn't ride today.

And . . .

I suspect I would have if the Symba was available to me. It was chilly, but I have rode in colder. The roads are clear and dry unless there is a water main break or a patch of ice caused by a driver dumping out a no longer wanted beverage at a stop sign.

Some Sad News. The Deputy who rides the small Kymco scooter and wears a chrome helmet was injured in a fire at his home. I know no more than what has been reported in the newspaper here.

On a lighter note here is some more early evening color from my walk to the car.

The forecasters are saying it is going to warm up. I'm good with that!

  • 14F/-10C and fair for my morning four block walk from the parking lot.
  • 27F/3C and a bit breezy for my stroll from the Courthouse to my car.


  1. Nice photo with the bright colors. An interesting building design. What is it?

    1. Richard,
      It is the front lobby of the Scottrade Center the home of the St.Louis Blues Hockey team and sundry events and concerts throughout the year.

  2. Oh no. Thoughts are with the Deputy and his family. That can't be easy to go through.

    Hope your weather warms up soon.

    1. I still have no more news. I'm hoping in this case, no news is good news.