Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Yes, I did ride today.

It was another marvelous weather day --cool in the morning and almost perfect for a ride after work.

I thought a class I wanted to take started tonight. I decided I would just go to the class directly from work rather than even trying to go home. The plan work beautifully. Even with grabbing some Jimmy John's, I still made it to Neve Shalom at 1900 which was the time I thought the class was to begin. No one was there, but as start times for these classes are often rather relaxed, I didn't think too much about it. But when it got to be 1910 and still no one else had showed up I began to wonder if I had mixed things up.

I had the teacher's phone number and gave him a call. My call took him by surprise. He had thought of beginning the class tonight but had changed his mind. My call did jog his memory and he recalled mentioning the class beginning tonight in only one place, a place he truthfully thought no one read. I will admit I'd wondered why I hadn't seen the class mentioned anywhere else, but obviously I didn't give it enough thought. Anyway, I told him I'd hang around for a while just in case anyone else did happen by. No one did. Oh well, better a week early than a week late.

Besides it was a gorgeous evening. It was sweet to have the opportunity to just sit and watch the light change and the moon come into its own. I, also, noticed for that the leaves are beginning to show the first signs of changing. Autumn is definitely beginning to knock on the door.

About 1930 I called Heather to let her know I'd be finding my way home earlier than I expected. There was no class, but it was a great night for watching and riding.

The almanac:
52F(11.1C)with a few clouds when I left the condo this morning.
78F(25.5C) with the same few clouds when I left work.
And, it was still in the 70'sF when I got home.

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