Friday, September 30, 2011

Yes, I rode to work today.

Back to work for one day and then the weekend. Not a bad deal. The weather is great.

The oil in the Symba has been changed. Used to have to adjust the chain at each oil change or before.  No more. The chain hasn't needed any adjustment since it was changed. I'm very pleased about that.

  • 54F/12C and a few clouds for the ride into work. The sun is right on the horizon right now. Blinding.
  • 72F/22C and clear for the ride home. Pretty windy with gusts up to 25mph.


  1. What kind of chain did you put on it? I'm looking to put something similar on my Passport.

    (I'm running the Scooter Cannonball. I met you at Maplewood.)

  2. Hi Joe,
    I don't remember what kind of chain, but I went o-ring. It has 7k on it since it was changed and it hasn't needed adjustment. Hope this helps. Good luck.