Tuesday, November 29, 2011

I'm Going To Suggest

Yes, I rode to work today.

I had a chance to talk to Deputy D today. I asked him how his ride home on his Vespa was last night. He told me it was a little wet. He is working 3pm to11pm right now, and so, I suspect it was chilly, too. Even though I too did it, still it surprises me how folks buy a scooter and away they go. It became apparent to me very quickly I didn't know near enough to be out in traffic. Deputy D and I are going to talk some more tomorrow. He said he has some questions. Since the MSF Basic Rider classes are closed down for the season, I'm going to suggest he get  a copy of Proficient Motorcycling by David Hough. I'm, also, going to suggest he go ahead and spend some real money for some high quality gear. I have spent way more money on gear than I would have if I hadn't tried to save a buck. Oh well, I seem to remember someone giving me the same advice regarding gear, thus I will not be hurt if he ignores me.

It was overcast for the ride into work, but by late afternoon it was clearing. I assume it was clear for my ride home. All I know for sure is, it was dark.

  • 34F and overcast for the ride to work.
  • 40F and dark, but dry for the ride home.


  1. What brand helmet do you suggest? I'm buying a new one in the spring.

  2. I've seen thousands of riders. Nobody has ever said to me:

    "Gee, Dan, I wish I had bought crappier gear!"

    It only hurts once and pays you back over and over.

    Tell Deputy D he will also be safer with gear. Being comfortable allows one to focus on managing risk instead of on how miserable we are.

  3. Tiny: I think any helmet that is DOT rated works. The important thing is getting one that fits. It seems to me you can spend a lot of money on a helmet, or not so much. What you spend the money on is features and comfort.

    My cold winter helmet is a GMax 44S modular snowmobile helmet. It fits my head and it has a dual lens shield, plus a breath guard. This helps prevent fogging. I almost bought a helmet that cost over $400 which is a lot of money for me, but it didn't feel as good on my head. I'm happy with my much, much cheaper GMax.

    In the summer I like to wear a MotoX helmet. It gives me more air and is lighter on my head, but still gives me most of the protection of a full face helmet. That helmet is some funky off brand that cost me $35 dollars, but it is DOT approved and fits me and the goggles I wear. I wear glasses and I need the goggles to fit over my glasses. The other thing about goggles is making sure they are fit for the road. Here I have a definite opinion: ESS military spec goggles.

    Again, I'm of the opinion that the most important things about any helmet are that it fits, is DOT rated, and provides the protection of a full-face helmet. I think these things are more important than brand or cost. Oh, white or hi-vis is a good idea, too.

    Good luck. I'd have five or six helmets if I had the room and Goldilocks would let me.

  4. Irondad: I will pass on your comment about being comfortable freeing up more concentration for risk management. Alas, tonight he had a little security issue come up and had to do his job. But, I'm sure we'll talk soon. His Vespa is a 49cc. Perhaps, a little ride together is in order.

  5. Thanks for the helmet info. I have two HJC and don't like either of them. Why did I buy two of them? I won't do it again.