Monday, November 21, 2011

A Ruckus

Yes, I rode to work today.

We came to the intersection almost at the same time, but I was definitely there first. He waved me through even though I had the right of way. I'd never seen him before. He was riding a Ruckus. At the next stop light I gave him lots of room to my right. If he wished to come next to me he could have, but he chose not to. He followed me for a few more blocks and turned north. It would be some blocks more before I turned north as well.

A couple blocks after I turned north he and I encountered each other again. Once again it was at a four way stop, and again, I was there first. This time we gave each a big thumbs up. As I continued north I wondered if our routes might intersect again. Also, I wondered what streets he had taken and why. There is another scooter I see quite frequently. This other rider and I crossed paths, much like the Ruckus rider and I did today. Until I recently changed my route we would sometimes find ourselves next to one another at a very long stop light. He liked to tell very old and corny jokes.

Perhaps I will see the Ruckus rider again, and maybe not. He was wearing a half-helmet without a visor and didn't have a windscreen. I'm thinking he experienced a rather brisk ride this morning.

It was a little foggy this morning and there was a very fine mist for both the ride to work and the ride home. The mist wasn't enough to get my gear wet, but enough to leave moisture on my visor and windscreen. I wonder what it felt like on the Ruckus rider's face.

As is often the case the fog was more intense the closer one got to the River.
At lunch time I notice these two guys working.

I don't think I'd like their job on the best of days. I know I wouldn't like it on a day like today.
  • 44F/7C with light fog and mist for the ride to work.
  • 45F/7C and dark with a light mist for the ride home.

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