Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Yes, I rode to work today.

This morning the sky was filled with big white fluffy clouds. It was stunning. But, by lunchtime it was overcast.

For lunch, I went back to the Pita Pit. One of the things I didn't like yesterday was the container the pita and hummus came in. It was one of those Styrofoam numbers. It was probably 6"x10". It seem wasteful and was definitely not recyclable. Today I asked if I could just have the pita wrapped in paper and if they would just give me the two containers of hummus to carry to my table. They were happy to oblige. Bonus: The little containers the hummus came in can be recycled. I brought those home in the container I brought the carrots in. They'll be in our recycling before the night is out.

 I think I have a winner here. I do think there is something missing. I hope to remedy that tomorrow.

I've been walking past this building for a long while and never noticed the dragons before.
So much for being a keen observer.

After work, I stopped by the Cavilia tent.
It is all stretched out now. They say it is the biggest tent in North America. I can believe it.

Goldilocks asked if I would get her a lone lime on the way home. I go right by the Schnuck's grocery store on the Hill. It was overcast when I went into the store, but when I came out maybe ten minutes later there was a surprise awaiting me.

40F/4C and a sky full of beautiful clouds for the ride to work.
59F/15C and filled with surprise for the ride home.


  1. Pita bread, hummus, dragons, exotic tents and a flaming orange sunset. What more could you ask for at the end of the work day? Beautiful sunset photo.

    1. Life can be rather remarkable, can't it?

      Glad you liked the sunset photo.