Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Yep, It's A Big Tent

Yes, I rode to work today.

Why is it some mornings everything just seem to go wrong from the get go? For me, this was one of those mornings. The details are unimportant. I'll just say it was one of those mornings when I couldn't find things I never lose, forgot things that really couldn't be done without, and just seemed to be swimming upstream. 

And, isn't it a wonderful thing, if on such a morning one can ride off into a beautiful sunrise? Yes, it is.

Again today at lunchtime I walked over to check on the Cavilia tent.

On my way I noticed this woman standing near some of the decorative stone work near Keiner Plaza.

I thought it looked like she was standing behind a podium and giving a speech. I had to take her photo, just had to.

On my way, I also walked past Busch Stadium. Soon Spring Training will begin. Yes, I like baseball.

When I neared the tent site, at first glance, it didn't appear that much had changed from the night before.

But from a different angle and looking more closely I could see the workers were raising the side struts. I had the feeling something was about to happen. I hung around as long as I could. Actually, I stayed longer than I should have and got back from lunch a little late.

After work  I was pleased to see the tent had been raised. I was also pleased not to ride home in the rain. I had thought there was a very real possibility my raingear would get a work out.

Tonight we might get some snow. There isn't much accumulation expected, but I did put gasoline in the Yaris just in case.

  • 32F/0C with a nice sunrise for the ride to work.
  • 39F/4C and overcast for the ride home.

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