Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Yes, I rode to work today.

And, after work I got to ride for a couple of hours.

Purim started this evening. I rode out to Neve Shalom to be with my rabbi friend and some remarkable folk. Even the Holy One, blessed be, made an appearance. Yes, God came to the party and wanted to play hide and seek. Who were we to argue? Problem was when the Holy One, blessed be, hid there was no concealment. It appears when God hides, God hides everywhere and is impossible to overlook. I asked what was the point of the game then. The response? "So you might remember that in seeking you may find." Then God added, "The only time I can't be found is when you are cock sure you've found me. Human certainty is the one place I can hide. If you don't believe me, just ask Haman?" God was whispering. I'm not sure anyone else heard or not. I am sure we listened to a very holy tune, ate hamantaschen, made some silliness, and had a great time.

  • 61F and overcast for the ride into work.
  • 69F and still overcast for the ride out to Neve.
  • 69F and  I'm assuming still overcast, but it was dark, for the ride home.


  1. I did not know or had forgotten that you are Jewish. I have had Jewish friends most of my life(whenever they are around- Door County has as many as fingers on one hand). We just seem to find one another. So I've been looking thru your archives a bit and have to say you are quite a person. I'm proud and pleased to be your blog friend.

    1. I hope it doesn't come as too big of a disappointment to you, but I am not Jewish. Actually, I am an Episcopal Priest. That said, I suppose I'm one of those folks Rick Santorum would have difficulty classifying as Christian. Oh well.

      Years ago it occurred to me Jesus was Jewish...and was at the very least as Semitic as he was Greek, and probably more so. Only two groups claiming ties to the religion of Israel survived the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. I knew much of the group tagged Christian, but not so much about the other: Rabbinic Judaism. It seemed important to remedy this and I did. And, it was important.

      I'm pleased you are my blog friend, too.

  2. Well, I did hesitate because you said your "Rabbi friend" and not just Rabbi. But I just jumped out there and decided not to send you a note saying "Are you Jewish?" A little forward.

    So I am just as pleased you are who and what you are. This makes your life so much richer, inside and out.