Friday, July 12, 2013

A Full Day

No I didn't ride to work today.

I spent the day in Illinois packing boxes. Heather's Grandmother needed to be out of her apartment by Monday which means the movers are coming tomorrow morning at 0830 to pick up her stuff. This was a rush deal necessitated by the quirks of our elder care and Medicare. The bottomline is this: Since it is doubtful she will be able to return to living in an apartment after sometime in rehab she must leave her apartment. Of course, it is more complex than that, and at the same time it is just that simple. Time will tell if she ends up moving into a skilled nursing facility or if she will be able to return to an assisted living situation. Until we know her things go into storage and we wait.

We didn't make our way home until after rush hour.
The Mississippi from the Poplar Bridge.

It was a full day. We go back tomorrow for round number two. It shouldn't be as long.

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  1. So nice of you two to be helping out packing things up. Not really an easy thing to do as it is hard to think of someone not coming home again.

    Hopefully you can take your time with the packing and don't have to rush too much.

    Your beautiful blue sky is nice to see.