Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cold On The Inside

Yes, I rode to work today.

And . . .

There was a light rain. The conditions again much like the other week when Billie and I went down. I was riding Isabelle today due to the need to ride out into the County after work. I suspect it will be a while before I have a mindless moment again while riding on a morning like this.

I am happy to announce this morning's ride was wondrously boring.

The climate inside the Courthouse continues to be cold. By afternoon I had more layers of clothing on then I did when I rode to work and I was still cold. I do not like it. I went out during afternoon break and found a patch of sun and warmed up some. I was glad when the day was done. Tomorrow I will dress even warmer. Maybe a parka. I suspect soon the heat will come on and it will suddenly become tropical.

The evening ride was longish and uneventful. I had the heated grips on high and it really did make a difference in warming me up. I'm very grateful to have them.

Other news regarding staying warm. The present configuration of Billie's windscreen and mirrors will allow for Hippo Hands handlebar mitts. They are on the way. I'm excited. At least I'll be ready for cold weather outside if not on the inside.

  • 48F/9C and overcast for the ride to work.
  • 65F/18C with a few clouds for the home ride.


  1. You mean the ac is still on in your building? I'd wear a parka, too. I can barely stand the freezer sections of the grocery store.

  2. There never seems to be a happy medium when indoors. We were someplace the other day and it was so cold I could swear the A/C was still on.

    Hope they turn some heat on for you - but not too high or you'll be roasting.