Friday, November 22, 2013

Topic of Conversation

Yes, I rode to work today.

And . . .

Apparently I was the major topic of conversation between some deputies and a judge. I heard about it from a deputy. They were impressed with my gear and how I look like I'm from Alaska. I find this funny since it was in the high 30'sdegF today. Not what I call particularly cold. It's, also, funny to me since I wear less gear than I used to. I often used to be caught wearing too many layers and getting hot and sweaty which leads to cold and miserable.

He also wanted to know where I got "those things you have on your handlebars."  "HippoHands," I told him and he sent himself an email on his smartphone. He owns a Fury and a Goldwing, and while he would be the first to admit he's a fair weather rider he would like to be able to ride when it is "cold".

Cold. This weekend it is supposed to be cold. Next week, too. Let the fun begin.

  • 38F/3C and dreary for the ride in.
  • 37F/3C and overcast for the home ride.


  1. Hi Keith ,
    Would he really love to take the Harley out during these darker months.....I guess it would depend on just how much cleaning up the Harley that he would want to do .
    My point is get a machine like that all salted up and you've got a big clean up on your hands!
    Regards Len

    1. Len,
      We have plenty of cold dry days, but you are right, the Harleys disappear from the streets this time of year.

      Every Spring I tell myself I am going to just pay to have my bikes detailed and let someone else take off the Boeshield and the grim. So far, I've ended doing it. I'm cheap.

  2. Keith, isn't it nice to be different?

  3. At least they were saying positive things, that is a good thing.

    Instead of the 'you're crazy to ride in this weather' conversation.

  4. It's funny how we define "cold." I had a conversation last night about how I was able to ride in "cold weather." It was in the mid 40's.

    I had a hooded sweater on and some new gore-tex gloves. That kept me warm and I thought it was a fine night for riding.

    1. Yes, cold depends on where you are and where you're from. The native St, Louisians where freezing today. Me? I was glad it wasn't in the teens. Now, that's cold. That said, once upon a time that would have been okay snowmobile weather :-) The key is to know how to dress for how you experience the cold and that only comes from riding and experience.