Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Gearing Up

Nope, I didn't ride to work today.

And . . .

For some reason I was getting more of the, "You didn't ride your bike today did you?" type questions than usual. I think this has to do with me dressing for the walk from the parking area with the same care I take gearing up for the ride to work.

Some of the equipment is even identical. For example, I most often wear the same snowmobile pants whether I walk from the parking area or ride. And, now, I added a new piece of equipment over the that  will go both ways as well.

Battery powered heated gloves. Mike, my technician, owns a pair and loves them. They were on sale so I took a chance on them. I've worn them once while riding and  between the heated grips, hippo hands, and these gloves it was a toasty sweet ride. I've worn them on two days during the "walk of shame". I like the mobility these gloves give me by not being tied to the bike. A potential downside is the batteries running down. It's early in the game, but so far I'm pleased.

The Courts didn't open officially until 10am this morning. I still went in quite early. I suspected the roads weren't going to get any better and I figured the traffic would be lighter the earlier I went in. Traffic was very light. It was almost like driving Downtown on a Sunday. It was a good choice.

A number of my co-workers ride Metrolink which works very well if you don't need to connect to the buses.

  • 20F/-7C with a snowflake or two for the morning drive.
  • 17F/-8C and overcast the my evening commute.


  1. I am looking forward to the longevity report on those gloves. I've eyed them here too thinking they'd be a little better on my fingertips with my poor circulation.

    Snowing here this morning and a balmy 24˚F.

    1. There were out in the cold for a couple of hours today and still had 75% of their charge. Of course, that wasn't riding but I had them at full heat, too. With heated grips I may not need to. Stay tuned.

  2. How long is the battery supposed to last?

    Snowing here as well with a balmy 12°F.

    1. Richard,
      Mike said 8 hours, but I don't see that number anywhere. If I can get four I'd be more than happy and actually I'm counting on only two. According to the literature it came with it takes 2.5hours to recharge. I'm running the gloves on full power on my walks. This is a little warmer than need be, but I'm trying to get an idea of their performance. I must say, I going into this not expecting to be impressed but willing to be surprised.

      The high today was 13F. The low tonight is supposed to be below zero. I feel I'm back home in Michigan.