Thursday, February 27, 2014

I Found This Odd

Yes, I rode to work today.

And . . .

I spent some time with Vulcan Rider today. He hasn't rode the last two days. We've chatted a number of times in the past, but have never really talked about our commutes. He was surprised to find out mine was over ten miles. His is more than half that and a straight shot down the highway. He's at work in eight minutes. Me? It takes me nearly three times longer, especially if I stop to take a photo or two.

I told him about the interaction I had with one of the judges last evening. He thought I should have asked if being brave got me a raise.

There was one surprising moment it our conversation. When we were talking distances I mentioned how the ride home varied whereas the ride to work was the same. He didn't seem to grasp the concept of the evening ride elongating simply because it could. I must admit I found this odd.

Today was a sunny day. I had sun in my eyes coming and going.

Because it was clear all there was was glare.

Another Winter Storm seems to be on tap for the weekend. Warmer tomorrow just to tease us. Even so, it may be a drive day. We'll see.

  • 20F/-7C and clear for the ride in.
  • 27F/-3C and painfully fair for the home ride.


  1. Smiling over the "brave" remark. Because you spoke with a judge? All the judges I have known...I have to laugh.

  2. Yes, odd. The way home is almost always longer than going in. Not sure why...