Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Started Out Beautiful

Yes, I rode to work today.

And . . .

It was as beautiful this morning as it was ugly yesterday. Yesterday was a Holiday called President's Day and I had the day off. We had freezing rain Sunday night and I was grateful to not have to take on the ice. The worst of it was north of us. In my neighborhood the streets weren't so bad, but the side walks were very slick. Much to the forecasters and my surprise the day warmed up much more rapidly than predicted. By afternoon I was able to go inline skating. The trail was wet in places and even had some snow here and there, but I've skated in worse conditions.

I'm not certain, but I think this was my first skate of 2014.

Today was a much different day. It started out beautiful and just got more so.

The only good excuse for not riding today was the salt and chemicals still on the streets. This stuff is rough on motorcycles and scooters. Mike, my technical wizard hates the stuff I spray on my bike to protect it. It makes working on my bike this time of year a messy proposition, yet even he admits it's pretty amazing as much as I ride during the winter months that I don't have any marks on my rims or on my aluminum engine parts.

I wasn't the only one riding.

Yep, Vulcan Rider and I were in our places with bright shining faces.

After work the clouds moved in some.


And orange puffs.

My Dad sent me some photos he took yesterday. If I was still living in Mid-Michigan this is what I'd be living with.

Ah, but I'm not. I'm in this St.Louis, not the St.Louis I grew up in. And you know after seeing those photos I just had to take the long way home. Truth be told, I'd probably have taken the long way home anyway.

  • 41F/5C with some clouds for the ride in.
  • 61F/16C and partly cloudy for the home ride.


  1. It was 43 yesterday here and I would imagine nearly that where your father is. We had some melt, and today will be just as warm. But tomorrow will be a whole different story. You know how that goes.

    Must have felt wonderful to go for a skate!

    1. Yes, it was in the low 40's today. Then comes a day of wintry mix and back into the deep freeze for them.

      We'll be heading back toward cold, too. It is February which can mean just about anything here :^)

      With the warm weather comes a great elevation in moods. I like that more than the warmer temperatures.

  2. Nice that the freezing rain melted and you have sunshine.

    Beautiful clouds. So much to see when we look up. Wish more people would look up from their phones, sigh.

    1. It was a very strange day indeed. It really felt good to skate.

      I said before and you know I'll say it again, one of the biggest gifts riding has given me is the the sky. I so much more aware of being in it, with it, touching it.

  3. Nice cloud photos, much better than the freezing rain photos.