Friday, September 9, 2011


Yes, I rode today.

And yes, it rained today.

Billie, my Symba, spent more time in the rain than I didWhen I came out from work it was misting, but the seat was very wet.
I rode in some rain on both the ride to work and the ride home, but not much. On the ride home it rained enough that I was glad for the rain gear.

Note the ever stylish Aerostich orange gloves.
Again, today the Symba wouldn't start with the electric starter. I had to kick start it. I keep saying I want my next ride to be fuel injected, but if the Symba had been, I'd been stuck. Instead, one pump on the kickstarter and she started right up. I've been having some intermittent trouble with the starting, but the battery has checked out. Of course, it starts fine when I get it into the shop. I think the problem has moved from intermittent to broke. Hopefully tomorrow we'll get it figured out.

It is Friday which means attending Neve Shalom. On Sunday mornings I work. On Fridays at Neve the week settles out. I let go of the week's foolishness, but keep the rest and simply open to Life.

Dear reader, I hope you have a great weekend.

  • 64F(17.7C) & mist for the ride to work
  • 64F(17.7C) & mist for the ride home.


  1. Dead battery sucks but a kick-starter is cool!
    Nice gloves ;-)

  2. Sonja: Congratulations for being the first person to comment ever on this blog. Sadly, there is no prize.

    In your comment on the other blog you mentioned thinking of doing something similar, but were too lazy to. My concern is time, but we will see how it goes.

    I do truly appreciate all the support you have given me since I've been blogging. Your comments have been priceless.

  3. Two blogs! I'm impressed, one is about all I can handle. I'm adding a link on my blog to your new one. I'd be pleased if you added mine on yours. Keep it up, I enjoy your posts Keith.