Monday, September 12, 2011

Yes, I rode today.

Happy Monday.

New battery and no more kick-starts, yay!

On my route to work there are a number of four-way and three-way stops. I admit I arranged this is on purpose. The stops seem to slow traffic down, plus those drivers in a hurry tend to find other routes. And, besides these intersections can be rather entertaining. This morning at a four-way stop where I seldom see another car or bike, we had a full house: two cars, and SUV and me. I think all of us who were paying attention were in shock. And, then Ms Texter met Ms Over-polite. It went something like this.

Ms Over-polite having the right of way began to enter the intersection, but Ms Texter wasn't paying attention and did a rolling stop. I could almost hear Ms Over-polite saying, "Oh, it's not your turn, but that's okay, you can go anyway."

Ah, but now Ms Texter suddenly notices she is driving and stops. I could almost hear her saying, "I'm paying attention now and I see it is your turn. You go."

But, of course, Ms Over-polite doesn't go but waves for Ms Texter to go. Does she go? No. She waves Ms Over-polite to go. Then both of them just sit there.

And, what did I do? Sometimes it is just best to wait and watch the drama.

  • 65F(18.3C) & a few clouds for the ride to work
  • 90F(32.2C) & even fewer clouds for the ride home

The fourth floor of one of the buildings I work in.

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