Friday, March 16, 2012

Really Big News

Yes, I rode to work today.

The morning ride saw interesting skies. To the East there was lightning and the glow of the sunrise beyond the storm.

I did get rained on today, but not during my commute. It was on my way to lunch. At lunchtime I only got about a third of the way to the restaurant before it began to rain. It was one of those pop-up thunderstorms that happen frequently here in the Summer...oops, I guess I mean late Winter.
This weather is so confusing. Oh well, in this case I can handle being confused.
The sky opening up brought a reminder of just why I like Gore-Tex so much.
As I was walking back to the Courthouse it was already clearing.

Now for some really big news:
I took this photo just before I rolled Miss Billie out of the garage this morning. I have owned her two years and sixteen days. It has been a great ride!

  • 60F/16C and storms to the East for the ride to work. No sun in my eyes this morning!
  • 77F/25C and a very few clouds for the ride home

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  1. I can smell that lovely smell of rain on cement. And that arch photo is wonderful. My Metro just went over 2100 today. I have had it less than a year and didn't ride it every day or for several winter months. I would have enjoyed riding like you do. I'm depressed now.