Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Times Have Not Been Kind

Yes, I rode to work today.

One of the things I love about commuting on my Symba is the way it puts me in the neighborhoods I ride through. It does this in a way different than I've ever experienced in a car. I've met people along my usual route. Many others wave to me as I pass. The regular bus driver and I exchange little toots on our horns when I pass. And, I watch the buildings and houses, the empty lots and the for sale signs, the school kids on the corners and the people walking their dogs.

St. Louis is filled with amazing beautiful old buildings and homes. While the times have not been kind to many of these there is still a majesty to many, and even most of the ones in decay have a certain alluring character 

Not long ago I noticed a foundation going in on one of the empty lots I pass by frequently. I wondered what might be going in the space. I watched and waited, but what came surprised me.

Chris Naffzinger is local blogger. His blog St. Louis Patina was recently named the top architectural blog in the City by the River Front Times. I'm a regular reader of his blog. I was curious what he would make of what I'd seen,  and sent him some photos I took. He used the photos in his Five Year Anniversary Post. You can click here to go to his post. The photos in the post are mine and he addresses them in the last paragraph.

I've said it before and I will say it again: Before I began riding to work St. Louis was where I lived, now it has become my hometown.
  • 66F/19C and a few clouds for the ride to work this morning.
  • 78F/26C and plenty of sunshine for the ride home.


  1. Funny how that happens. I've lived in several different cities due to my jobs and personal choices. I've set roots in some and let others just be "where I am right now." I agree with you though, when your on the bike you become part of the community and that is a different type of experience.

  2. I often wished I could live in STL, but it never happened. It's just too big for me. I used to live in Denver and that was totally different. I didn't feel as closed in as I did in STL. Now Denver is just sprawl and horrible. So much for that.

    I can understand the peace you feel at being part of a community. Everyone should be able to truly feel that. STL Patina is an excellent blog.