Monday, July 22, 2013


Yes, I rode to work today.

And . . .

It was nice and cool for the ride in this morning. North of here there was dense fog. We didn't see any of that. It was just a little on the cloudy side.

It was warm for the ride home, but that's pretty typical July weather. I ain't complaining. Actually after tomorrow the temperatures are supposed to be very moderate for this time of year. We'll see.

I did take the usually Monday morning photo. It is missing because I left the camera on my desk at work. I tend to get forgetful when there are lots of changes going on. It's just the way its going to be for a while at work. It will all be fine . . . eventually.

  • 73F/23C and a little cloudy for the ride to work.
  • 93F/34C with fewer clouds for the ride home. 

1 comment:

  1. We shall survive without the Monday photo, it forces us all to use our imaginations.