Wednesday, November 16, 2011

It Felt True and Seemed Genuine

Yes, I rode to work today.

But, I didn't ride to work as early as I usually do. I had a dentist appointment first thing and went into work afterwards.

It was much brighter than my usual commute Downtown.
This evening as I was letting Billie, my Symba, warm up and getting myself geared up, one of the judges came by. "Be safe riding home," she said, then added, "It's dark and I doubt people can see you as well as during the day." I thanked her for her concern. With the type of work I do in the Courthouses I don't have much reason to interact with the judges. I have to admit there are judges who even after the years I don't have a face for their name. Funnily, I have had more conversations with judges as they walk by Billie and me as we're fixing to leave than at any other time. I was touched by her concern -- it felt true and seemed genuine. I thanked her. I, also, shared with her how I wasn't at all sure folks saw me any better during the day than in the dark. The ones paying attention will probably see me either time, I told her, and the ones who don't pay attention won't see me either time. She agreed that there are a lot of distracted drivers on the road.

I'm not sure where I heard it first, but I've taken this to heart. I ride as if I'm invisible and as if I'm made of glass. I don't expect other drivers will see me. And, I'm very aware there aren't many fender benders when a motorcycle is involved in a crash with a car.

Just because I ride as if I'm invisible doesn't mean I don't take steps to make myself seen. I took this photo tonight just as I got home. Does the flag say, "Can you see me now?"

I would have preferred to have a more Hi-Vis helmet, but I wanted this particular helmet, it has a double lens visor and breath guard, and it came in black or with some not much more visible graphics. But, I've added a reflective sticker to the back to help it stand out at night.

On my way home tonight I almost hit a cat. Obviously, the cat wasn't paying attention.
  • 46F/8C with a few clouds for the ride to work.
  • 44F/7C and dark for the ride home.


  1. Was the cat texting by chance? :)

  2. Couldn't tell, it was moving to fast. It came out of nowhere. I'm thinking if it had been black wouldn't even have seen it. but it was mostly white and scared the .... out of me. Oh well, glad Billie and the cat didn't have an opportunity to become more intimately involved and I hope we don't run into this cat . . . ever.